Klaytn v1.8.4 Release Notes

The German poet Goethe once wrote: “Enjoy what pain has left behind for you! With hardship past, the same hardships are sweet.” No matter the external circumstance, if we persevere in what we believe to be right, we will look back and smile at what has passed.

Klaytn has also been focusing on strengthening our fundamentals in pursuit of the values we espouse. So we proudly announce the release of v1.8.4, which includes extensive improvements in our ServiceChain, an integral element in Klaytn’s Metaverse Package. FYI, the release only pertains to the ServiceChain, so CNs or PNs don’t need to update.

# Improvements
The name of the VT_RECOVERY option changed to SC_VT_RECOVERY. The option VT_RECOVERY is still usable with the update and is the same option. The option SC_VTRECOVERY_INTERVAL has also been added, which configures the cycle for Value Transfer Recovery. The default value is 5 seconds. (#1271)

Two APIs for the Subbridge namespace subbridge_getChildBridgeContractBalance and subbridge_getParentBridgeContractBalance have been added that return the balance for the respective contracts. (#1254)

We added a logic to check the address type, which is a parameter for the setBridge() function used for setting up a bridge in a token contract. If the address is not of a contract, it cannot be set up as a bridge. (#1299)

The option SC_KAS_ANCHOR_REQUEST_TIMEOUT has been added. Using this option, you can set the timeout for KAS API requests. (#1284)

You can now change the default gas price for ServiceChain. (#1287)

In previous versions, the gas limit for SCN node operators was fixed to 10000000. Transactions that used more gas such as contract deployment would not be processed with the fixed gas limit. So with the update, you can now set your own gas limit for each chain. (SC_PARENT_OPERATOR_GASLIMIT and SC_CHILD_OPERATOR_GASLIMIT). You can also GET and SET the current gas limit for your node using the four new APIs. (subbridge_setChildBridgeOperatorGasLimit subbridge_setParentBridgeOperatorGasLimit, subbridge_getChildBridgeOperatorGasLimit, subbridge_getParentBridgeOperatorGasLimit). (#1353 #1344)
We added the chaindatafetcher option for SEN nodes. This node functions in the same way as the chaindatafetcher option in existing EN nodes. (#1347)

# Fixes
There was a bug in which the URI value when sending ERC-721 tokens were set as an empty string. To solve this, some changes regarding a new event structure as well as a new logic to handle the event have been added. (#1321 #1378)

# Miscellaneous
You can now find out the location of the imported account file when importing accounts using the node command account import. (#1285 #1262)

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© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.