Building made easy

Building for the metaverse doesn’t have to be hard. Klaytn offers a seamless developer experience that’s designed to help builders turn their big ideas into the next big thing.

Support for
Ethereum equivalence

Put your Solidity skills to work right away, tap on the collective body of EVM developer knowledge, and onboard Ethereum DApps with minimal code changes.

An end-to-end
metaverse package

A customized L2 solution, SDKs, smart contract libraries, wallets, oracles, explorers, bridges, TradFi interfaces, stablecoin integrations—you name it, the package’s got it.

Developer resources


Klaytn Docs

Documentation on Klaytn’s design, node operation guides and application development resources.

Kaikas Wallet

Documentation to support application development using Kaikas, a browser extension Klaytn wallet.

Klip Wallet

Documentation to support application development using Klip, Kakaotalk’s built-in digital wallet.


Javascript API library for interacting with Klaytn nodes using an HTTP or Websocket connection.


A lightweight and highly modular Java and Android library to interact with Klaytn nodes.

Klaytn API Service (KAS)

A service that enables you to use the Klaytn blockchain platform via REST API or SDK.

Speed Delivery

Tools and resources

Klaytn IDE

Compile, test, and deploy your Solidity smart contracts.

Klaytn API Service (KAS)

Speed development while reducing costs with our API service.


Block explorer and analytics platform for the Klaytn network.

Klaytn Wallet

KLAY and Klaytn-compatible wallet for application development use.


Create secure multi-sig wallets with the Henesis API.


Repository for the official golang implementation of the open source Klaytn protocol.

Still have questions?

Tap on the expertise of fellow Klaytn builders in our developer communities.

Contribute to Klaytn’s development

As an open source public blockchain project, anyone is welcome to improve the Klaytn protocol and infrastructure.

kLaytn improvement proposals (kip)

KIP is a public platform where anyone can submit their proposal to improve Klaytn’s core protocol specifications, client APIs, and contract standards.

Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR)

KIR is a grant program to support research, education, and the development of public infrastructure and services that contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem.
© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.
© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.