TopGoal to elevate sports fan experience with Klaytn

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports world took a major beating. From the Olympics and Asian Games to European football leagues and the NBA, fans and athletes were shut out of stadiums altogether. In order to stay afloat, sports organizations were forced to pivot from offline to online communities. They had to rethink beyond the event itself and explore how spectators experience it.

Enter the metaverse – where athletes and fans can reunite in a richer and enhanced experience. Sports businesses are increasingly seeing how blockchain technology can be harnessed to boost fan engagement, streamline operations, and produce new revenue models. Riding on such wave, global NFT and GameFi platform TopGoal has decided to forge a partnership with Klaytn. Both sides are set to focus on developing new metaverse projects and use cases for the world’s most popular sport, football.

Think NFT-based tickets, digital collectibles, and gaming dApps. One of the key perks? A growing number of famous football players are already collaborating with TopGoal, from South Korea’s great Park Ji-sung to Italy’s legend Alessandro del Piero. Fans will be able to collect and own cards, build their fantasy squad and virtually play alongside their favorite players on the Klaytn blockchain.

By tokenizing a part of the football industry, TopGoal and Klaytn are offering fans everywhere a whole new way of engaging with hard-to-reach athletes. What’s more, both sides are set to work on innovative Layer 2 solutions to enable NFT cross-chain compatibility. Fans will be able to easily trade their digital assets across various blockchains and exchanges. It will give way to an unparalleled interoperability of sports leagues and fandoms.

Sports fans deserve to be a part of something bigger. In the metaverse, they will no longer simply be present at sporting events but right smack in the middle of them. Holders of sports tokens and other collectibles can become part of an exclusive and close-knit community, gradually breaking down geographical and physical barriers. As such, the collaboration between TopGoal and Klaytn is set to help bring about more exciting social experiences in the next evolution of the sports world.

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TopGoal is a blockchain-based platform where football fans can collect and trade officially licensed NFT collectibles of their favorite players, clubs, and moments. With around 10 years of experience in the market, the company has partnered up with world-famous football athletes as well as clubs and institutions. By using the power of blockchain technology, TopGoal is looking to grow its ecosystem in order to develop more verticals and utilities in the sports industry.

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