Today we are excited to announce that the caver-java (Java Software Development Kit of Klaytn) v1.6.3 has just been released.

The caver-java v1.6.3 now supports the Governance API. Users can use the Governance API via caver.rpc.governance. caver.transaction provides a method that returns a transaction instance provided by Caver from a transaction hash, and caver.abi and caver.contract also support a function to decode functionCall strings encoded with function signatures and parameters. The functions to recover the public key from signature are also provided, and caver.validator newly added in caver-java v1.6.3 provides functions for validating signed messages and transactions.

Supports Governance RPC Call in caver.rpc.governance

Supports decodeFunctionCall

Supports a function that recovers public keys from signatures

Supports caver.transaction.getTransactionByHash

Provides caver.validator

For detailed information about caver-java v1.6.3, please refer to

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