At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports world took a major beating. From the Olympics and Asian Games to European football leagues and the NBA, fans and athletes were shut out of stadiums altogether. In order to stay afloat, sports organizations were forced to pivot from offline to online communities. They had to rethink beyond the event itself and explore how spectators experience it.

Enter the metaverse – where athletes and fans can reunite in a richer and enhanced experience. Sports businesses are increasingly seeing how blockchain technology can be harnessed to boost fan engagement, streamline operations, and produce new revenue models. Riding on such wave, global NFT and GameFi platform TopGoal has decided to forge a partnership with Klaytn. Both sides are set to focus on developing new metaverse projects and use cases for the world’s most popular sport, football.

Think NFT-based tickets, digital collectibles, and gaming dApps. One of the key perks? A growing number of famous football players are already collaborating with TopGoal, from South Korea’s great Park Ji-sung to Italy’s legend Alessandro del Piero. Fans will be able to collect and own cards, build their fantasy squad and virtually play alongside their favorite players on the Klaytn blockchain.

By tokenizing a part of the football industry, TopGoal and Klaytn are offering fans everywhere a whole new way of engaging with hard-to-reach athletes. What’s more, both sides are set to work on innovative Layer 2 solutions to enable NFT cross-chain compatibility. Fans will be able to easily trade their digital assets across various blockchains and exchanges. It will give way to an unparalleled interoperability of sports leagues and fandoms.

Sports fans deserve to be a part of something bigger. In the metaverse, they will no longer simply be present at sporting events but right smack in the middle of them. Holders of sports tokens and other collectibles can become part of an exclusive and close-knit community, gradually breaking down geographical and physical barriers. As such, the collaboration between TopGoal and Klaytn is set to help bring about more exciting social experiences in the next evolution of the sports world.

Find out more on what TopGoal has to offer here.


TopGoal is a blockchain-based platform where football fans can collect and trade officially licensed NFT collectibles of their favorite players, clubs, and moments. With around 10 years of experience in the market, the company has partnered up with world-famous football athletes as well as clubs and institutions. By using the power of blockchain technology, TopGoal is looking to grow its ecosystem in order to develop more verticals and utilities in the sports industry.

The metaverse is such a huge buzzword in this day and age, but everyone has different ideas about what it means. Is it just gaming and NFTs? Is it an alternative infrastructure on which you can interact with others? Or does the metaverse represent your ability to evolve virtual interactions?

All these discussions are taking place at MetaJam Asia, which has officially kicked off this week! It’s the so-called first Web3 festival held in Asia, featuring more than 100 communities, brands, and venture capitals working to build the metaverse.

We are excited to announce that Klaytn is a presenting sponsor for the three-week-long event. What does this entail? You’ll get to catch our Head of Marketing, Aaron Koh, speaking about his optimism for a Web3 future. He will be among more than 40 key speakers touching on various innovative topics in the industry. There will be opportunities to gain insights into GameFi and NFT models, community growth initiatives, and the blockchain-based creator economy.

You can also hop over to MetaJam’s phygital experiential space and find Klaytn’s arena. That’s where the works of our NFT artists (think the likes of LayLay, Doge Sound Club, and more) will be showcased. Our partners, Karafuru, The Other Side, and WonderPals, will also be there. You may even get the chance to mint some NFTs for your own collection! There will also be interactive games and demonstrations from creators around the world. It’s the perfect offline chance to understand the different aspects and approaches to creating NFTs and other content on the blockchain.

Every aspiring metaverse builder needs a flagship experience to get them started. MetaJam Asia is set to be the perfect breeding ground to explore what it takes to build a whole universe from scratch.

Visit MetaJam’s site to find out more.

We had the pleasure of hosting the team from Klapes for an informative AMA session where they answered the community’s questions about the Klapes project’s current and future activities. Listen to the AMA session below or read on for our recap!

Note: Some of the text have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Date & Time: Mar 16th at 6pm SGT / 7pm KST
Platform: Twitter Spaces
Turner (COO), Garthos (Game Director), Judi (Project Manager), and Bex (Project Manager) from Klapes
Host: Sofy, Community Manager at Klaytn Foundation


Sofy: A very good evening to everyone and Happy Wednesday! Welcome once again to another AMA session with us. I am Sofy, community manager for Klaytn and I will be your host for today’s session. Thank you so much everyone for taking time to be here. Especially the Klapes team. As they are located in a different timezone from most of us.

Today’s session will be divided into 2 parts. We will begin with an introduction from the Klapes team, followed by questions from the community that we have compiled. Feel free to drop your questions for the awesome Klapes team in Klape’s Discord.

Please introduce yourselves to the community, and I am sure those who are new would love to know more about Klapes.

Judi: Hi, Sofy! Thank you for having us and hosting this AMA — we really appreciate it. Today, from the Klapes team, we have: Turner — our COO. Garthos — our Game Designer. Bex — one of our project managers and me, the other project manager! We’ve been looking forward to answering some questions from the community and talking about Klapes Klubhouse and some future plans for the Klapes project and MMJP.

For those who are new, Klapes is an NFT project built on the Klaytn blockchain. The project was launched in December of last year and did very well during the original mint, selling out in less than 20 seconds. Afterwards, we became the first verified Klaytn collection on OpenSea. In January, we developed our second collection, Baby Klapes, giving holders one Baby Klape for each Klape they owned. Since then, we have been developing the Klapes DeFi game, Klapes Klubhouse, which we will be releasing Part 1 of on Friday!

The whitepaper is currently published on the Klapes website, but for those of you who haven’t had the chance to read through it yet, we will give you a quick run through.

Klapes Klubhouse is a DeFi staking game that allows holders of Klapes and Baby Klapes to stake their NFTs and earn rewards. By staking NFTs in Klubhouse holders can generate $KOCO and, in Part 2, holders can use that $KOCO to send their Baby Klapes treasure hunting in the Ruins of Gutan to find new and unique NFTs.


Sofy: What was the inspiration behind Klapes Klubhouse and what made you guys decide to create a DeFi staking game?

Garthos: We actually had several game concepts that we had come up with and one of those was based around Klubhouses that could potentially be bought and sold and have social rooms that could be built by the owners. However that initial design would have required a much longer development effort to implement and we felt had a higher risk of failure. There was just something that we all liked about the social interaction of the first Klubhouse design that we wanted to retain but also wanted to put more focus on the staking mechanics and coin generation for holders. The Klompster made the perfect “villain” for this concept which brought an element or risk vs reward that just felt right.

Sofy: Some blockchain gaming platforms need a deposit in order to play their games. So, does Klubhouse require a deposit in order to play it? If so, what is the minimum or initial deposit amount required?

Bex: There is no deposit required to participate in the Klubhouse. The only cost will be the gas fees for staking and unstaking the klapes and baby klapes that is very minimal.

Sofy: Klubhouse is a staking game. Is it also a play-to-earn game?

Turner: I would say yes. While there is a staking mechanic, your participation is what will allow you to earn $KOCO.

Sofy: Could you please describe $KOCO’s tokenomics?

Garthos: Klubhouses are the main faucette for earning $KOCO. Part 2 of the Klubhouse Game will be one of the major token spends as players will spend it to earn new monthly exclusive NFTs. That being said, we do have some other uses in mind that we will be sharing in the near future but we are not able to discuss just yet, but SOON!

Sofy: What is your marketing strategy that will help expand Klubhouse’s community and make Klubhouse popular?

Judi: A majority of our current marketing strategy has been put together by IndigoChild. It started with our partnership announcement and listings on Hashnet. We have also had banner ads on Coinness. There have been articles, and will be more articles, on sites like Coinreaders, Coinness, Bitman, Cobak and more. We also have PR planned for some of Korea’s largest KOL Telegram channels and another AMA that will be hosted by IndigoChild on Friday — right before the launch of Klapes Klubhouse.

Sofy: Could you please share with us Klapes’s long term goals?

Bex: Our long term goals with Klapes is to release Klapes Klubhouse and build up hype and demand for the project, re-launch Baby Klapes, and then expand and build upon the Klapes Universe hand-in-hand with the DAO’s decisions.

Sofy: How are the NFTs going to be like for Klubhouse? Is it just going to be Baby Klapes only or will there be new types of NFTs like weapons, new versions of Klapes?

Turner: Some of this is TBD and will likely be available for the DAO to help decide. The NFTs that are earned in Part 2 are not currently planned to have utility. If that were something the DAO would like to see, that would most likely be in a later Phase.

Sofy: Do you have a token burning plan to increase token value and attract more investors to invest?

Judi: At this point, we do not currently have any plans to burn tokens, specifically Baby Klapes. When Baby Klapes minting opens in the future, of course, the hope is that all of the Babies will quickly find homes. We may have to reassess in the future depending on the NFT market, initial sales of Baby Klapes, and some other factors that will need to be taken into consideration. We also want to keep in mind that there are some really great 1 of 1s still left in the collection!

Sofy: Asides from Klubhouse, are there any plans for more DeFi games in future?

Garthos: Yes, we have another game, Next Horizon, in the works that we have already shared a few details on.

Sofy: Is it possible to receive Klay with DeFi staking interest on Next Horizon DeFi?

Turner: We aim to have some Next Horizon resources listed on a Korean exchange (or DEX) so they can be exchanged for KLAY. Further details will be made public as development for Next Horizon continues.

Sofy: What’s going on with the Klapes global public relations plan?

Judi: We partnered with IndigoChild to support our marketing campaign for both Klapes Klubhouse and Baby Klapes, you may have already seen partnership announcements from them on social media! You will see more from them in the coming days and weeks.

Sofy: As the holders’ royalties are so minimal, I suggest Klapes to deliver more benefits to the public rather than just holders.

Bex: We aim to provide benefits to our holders as a priority. In order to play Klapes Klubhouse you need to be a Holder. On top of that, benefits for future projects also require you to be a Holder. We believe that people will see the benefits of holding with the release of Klubhouses and into our future, and that will be something the public will want to be a part of.

Sofy: Moderators are needed. Many components, such as responding queries, are too slow in comparison to comparable projects. Other projects require 1–2 weeks to get alerts or answers that are sent out in a single day. Is it possible that the lag is due to a process that requires Klaytn’s approval?

Judi: We do currently have a handful of moderators. We appreciate that it can take some time to respond to inquiries. Klaytn does not have an approval process over Klapes announcements. We provide updates frequently, the speed of which is dictated by what we have to share. We do not want to ping channels just to appear busy — we want to provide content that is worthy to the community.

Sofy: How long does it take from Klubhouse to Next Horizon DeFi?

Turner: We aim to have Phase 1 of Next Horizon available in Q2 of this year. After the launch of Phase 1 of Klubhouses, and prior to Phase 1 of Next Horizon, we will be working on Phase 2 (Treasure Hunting) for Klubhouses.

Sofy: Is there a difference in the mining amount of Klapes and Baby Klapes in Klubhouse?

Garthos: Only Baby Klapes can generate $KOCO in the harvesting Phase for the Klubhouse. The generated $Koco is distributed equally to all Klapes and Baby Klapes staked in that Klubhouse at the completion of the Harvesting Phase. Further explanation can be found in our whitepaper.

Sofy: What exactly can I do with the tokens mined by Klubhouse?

Bex: The tokens acquired through Phase 1 of Klubhouses can be spent in Phase 2 in order to go Treasure Hunting! We also have some other burn mechanisms in mind which we hope to share with you in the not too distant future.

Sofy: When will Discord holder verification and the translation bot be available? We want a definite date.

Judi: We have been informed that Klaytn is currently working with devs to create a holder verification bot. Once that is developed we will certainly look into it and implement it into our Discord. The translation bot is currently in testing, we are looking into the output it creates specifically, as it is not as reliable as Google Translate in its current form. It is something we will spend more time on once we have work completed on Klubhouses.

Sofy: Do you have any intention of showing partnerships with investors on the Klapes website? Most Korean NFT projects demonstrate this.

Bex: This is a great idea. We will discuss this with the engineering team to add a section that highlights Klapes partnerships and collaboration that Klapes is part of.

Sofy: Why do you decide to do a DAO which eventually leads to paying the gas fee anyway? One option would be just creating a discord holder authentication bot and do like DAO instead because it seems okay now but will be risky when the gas fee goes up.

Turner: This was mentioned previously in the Klapes discord, but there may have been some people that missed the announcement or are new members to the community. The Klapes team was made aware that Klaytn is currently working with a team to develop a verification system. We are currently not aware of a Discord bot that is able to take weighted votes into account. Once that system is established we would be interested in looking into implementing weighted DAO voting within the discord. Until weighted voting is possible with a discord bot, we plan to continue holding official DAO votes on the Klapes website.

Many thanks to the talented team from Klapes for taking time out of their busy schedules for our AMA! To find out more about Klaytn and join our growing global community, please follow these links below:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

Aligning with their vision to be the bridge connecting Web2 organizations into the Web3 metaverse, the Klaytn Foundation is thrilled to highlight key strategic partnerships. These partners, all titans in their own sectors, will drive the creation of an exciting metaverse on the Klaytn blockchain.

Released in 2019, Klaytn is the dominant blockchain in Korea, having secured the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project with the Bank of Korea. Klaytn is also integrated with super app KakaoTalk via its crypto wallet Klip, and accessible to the 45 million KakaoTalk users in the country.


Wemade offers a global blockchain platform, WEMIX, on which games of all genres can be transformed into blockchain games. Many games are currently being serviced on WEMIX, which is built on a Klaytn service chain, and it aims to service 100 games whose key currency will be the WEMIX Token by the end of 2022.


Netmarble, a leading game developer/publisher, launched their MBX (MARBLEX) blockchain ecosystem built on the Klaytn mainnet.


Neowiz, one of the leading multi-platform developers/publishers in South Korea, kicks off its Play-to-Earn lineup with Crypto Golf Impact, a next-generation Play-to-earn mobile game — powered by NEOPIN blockchain- platform-built on Klaytn mainnet.

Pocketful of Quarters

Leading blockchain gaming project Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) which has built an SEC compliant and interoperable gaming token for the metaverse on the Klaytn network.


Open Metaverse Land-Fi platform KlayCity has partnered with Klaytn to boost their go-to-market strategy. As the first land NFT-based Land-Fi project built on Klaytn’s network, KlayCity is working on exciting collaborations with renowned webtoon authors, short films, and e-novels over the next few months.

“These high-impact partnerships are just the first of many that the Klaytn Foundation has in line as we grow our ecosystem of strategic partners to collectively build a metaverse filled with exciting games, amazing artwork, endless entertainment, and more.” says David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klaytn Foundation.

About Klaytn Foundation

Klaytn Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to accelerate global adoption and ecosystem maturity on Klaytn. The foundation manages the US$500m Klaytn Growth Fund and operates alongside Krust, the holding company for all overseas ventures of internet giant Kakao Corp.

For media enquiries or partnership collaboration opportunities, please contact:

Aaron Koh
Head of Marketing, Klaytn Foundation
Email: [email protected]

The Earth you see at KlayCity may not be the same Earth you are living in. Powered by the Klaytn blockchain, this LandFi metaverse has a simple premise. Reinhabit the Earth, gather resources, rebuild populations, and expand your territory.

As the first official LandFi project built on Klaytn’s network, KlayCity is based on exploring, scavenging, and trading. The year is 2080 and the Earth has been wrecked by decades of climate change and pollution. Players have one mission: to develop LAY007 tokens and clean up the planet in order to survive.

District NFTs can be staked, which will then generate LAY007 tokens every 30 days based on the district’s tier. LAY007 can be used to farm $ORB tokens, which have multiple use cases. Players can utilize $ORB to upgrade existing districts, explore new ones, or vote in the metaverse governance.

Put simply, players can govern, explore, and earn while enjoying the gaming experience. But what does this dystopian slice of the metaverse look like? In partnership with the Klaytn Foundation, KlayCity has released a two-part video series showcasing the virtual world in real life. Titled “RE:BUILD THE WORLD”, the thrilling videos feature world-renowned K-pop idol Jinyoung (GOT7) as well as top Hallyu stars Park Hae Soo (Squid Game, Prison Playbook) and Jun Jong Seo (Burning, The Call). They starred as survivors aboard spaceships, encountering extraterrestrial threats while trying to return to Earth.

Tune in to the RE:BUILD THE WORLD series here:

Episode 1: Return to Earth

Episode 2: Land of Opportunity

Moving forward, KlayCity is set to tap on the Klaytn Foundation’s wide expertise and global network for its go-to-market strategy. Hop aboard and expand your empire in KlayCity!

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About Klaytn Foundation

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore.

These business expansion activities are supported by the Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization established in August 2021.

About KlayCity

KlayCity is a LandFi metaverse where district NFT owners can govern, explore and earn while enjoying the gaming experience. The premise is simple: reinhabit earth, gather resources, rebuild populations, and expand your territory. Built on Klaytn, KlayCity is focused on gamifying DeFi and NFT into a single ecosystem.

As part of the pre-release marketing for ‘Crypto Golf Impact’, a P2E game powered by the NEOPIN platform built on the Klaytn mainnet, Klaytn and Neowiz will be launching a large-scale airdrop campaign with $150,000 worth of KLAY for 7,000 NEOPIN wallet holders.

The airdrop campaign will run from March 14th to March 23rd, 2022, and current NEOPIN wallet holders along with new registrants can participate by completing the tasks outlined in the event page, which includes following the Klaytn and Crypto Golf Impact official Twitter accounts and social media channels. At the end of the registration period, a total of 7,000 random users will be selected via lucky draw to receive $20.00 USD equivalent of KLAY tokens that will be airdropped to their respective NEOPIN wallets.

Winners will be announced along with the token distribution on March 25th, 2022.

The link to the airdrop event page is:

Crypto Golf Impact is a mobile sports game that is set to be officially released in April. It is a revamp of ‘Golf Impact’, which was selected as one of the Top 25 best sports games for iOS by Pocketgamers, with the integration of NEOPIN blockchain technology. The game provides intuitive controls and is optimized so that players can enjoy real-time PVP (player-vs-player) gameplay with other players across the world. After the launch of ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ in April, Neowiz plans to roll out other P2E titles from their lineup on the Klaytn-based NEOPIN platform within the second quarter of this year.

Neowiz states, “We are proactive in the development of blockchain games and keen on retaining the core gaming ‘essence’ while providing the natural blockchain experience,” adding on, “we are working closely with the Klaytn Foundation and other partners to achieve global success in the market.”

Regarding the airdrop and continuous partnership with Neowiz, Klaytn Foundation states, “Starting with our support for Crypto Golf Impact, our initiative is to facilitate their acclimation into the ecosystem within the blockchain gaming market, all the while actively supporting other game developers in their integration of blockchain technology.”

The strategic partnership between the two organizations includes coordination on various areas of play-to-earn projects from development, technical and strategic marketing support.

For 2022, Neowiz is expected to showcase three P2E titles that will be on the Klaytn mainnet-based NEOPIN blockchain, namely, ‘Crypto Golf Impact’, ‘BRAVE NINE’, and ‘A.V.A’.

Netmarble, a Klaytn Governance Council member and the gaming developer/publisher behind Marvel Future Revolution, Lineage 2 Revolution, Ninokuni: Cross Worlds, and many more mobile game smash hits, has just announced MarbleX (MBX), their blockchain ecosystem built on Klaytn.

Netmarble’s MBX ecosystem will bring their games to the next level by incorporating blockchain technology in ways that will encourage organic engagement and reward players for their participation — starting with a content update for A3: Still Alive (Global) that will integrate blockchain gaming mechanics into the game.

MBX will serve as the platform for Netmarble to link their games and technologies to expand their content into NFTs and the metaverse. Some of the other blockchain games in the works include Second Country, Golden Bros, Champions: Ascension, How to Train Your Monster Arena, and Everyone’s Marble: Metaworld.

The launch of the MBX ecosystem on the Klaytn network heralds a deepening of the partnership between Klaytn and Netmarble. We are excited to continue supporting Netmarble as they develop an exciting library of games that will enrich the Klaytn metaverse.

To find out more about Netmarble and MarbleX, visit these links below:

Netmarble Website | Netmarble Facebook

MarbleX Website | MarbleX Medium | MarbleX Twitter | MarbleX Facebook

Quarters, the first-ever cross-game token developed by Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) has officially launched on the Klaytn network today. As the first and only compliant and interoperable gaming currency on the blockchain, Quarters is available across more than 100 games and platforms — making it the first true metaverse token.

In a bid to accelerate the adoption of Quarters, POQ is charting a strategic partnership with the Klaytn Foundation. The leading blockchain gaming project will be supported by Klaytn’s $1B Eco Fund, involving grants for developers and other owners of video games.

“Players want the metaverse to be fun, safe and interoperable, but today’s video games are fragmented, with millions of incompatible virtual currencies and experiences,” said Michael Weiksner, co-founder and CEO of POQ. “Our partnership with Klaytn will help accelerate our ambitious plans to create the interoperable game token for the metaverse.”

As Klaytn’s first acceleration partner in the United States, POQ is set to build a connected metaverse that will empower players to move seamlessly between virtual worlds. Quarters is a game-agnostic, digital utility token designed solely for a more agile gameplay experience. Put simply, you can use the virtual currency while moving from one game to another. With fixed prices and volume discounts, Quarters will give you access to daily events from some of the world’s leading games (e.g. Fortnite and League of Legends). You can also buy cosmetic items without going through paywalls in multiplayer games, like Take The Throne, Fault, and Stream Arenas. Playable 3D NFT avatars and NFT game highlights are also in the works.

What’s more, POQ has launched an IDO of its Q2 token on the KlaySwap. With this coin, players, influencers, developers, and investors now have the power to help govern the new Quarters metaverse. The revenue is distributed to developers and Q2 owners securely, transparently, and automatically by smart contracts.

The possibilities of a universal metaverse token are endless, but game developers also need the reassurance of regulatory compliance before they can jump aboard. Quarters is the first-ever blockchain token to receive an SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) no-action letter, meaning it is safe and compliant.

“Our video game partners tell us that they want a blockchain toolkit that is compliant and makes sense to implement,” says David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klatyn. “With its historic SEC no-action letter and simple API, POQ is our integration partner to bring video games and the metaverse to the Klaytn blockchain.”

More than one million players and developers have already come onboard in what’s turning out to be an exciting revolution. Let’s make the future of video games better at

About Klaytn

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore.

These business expansion activities are supported by the Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization established in August 2021.

About Pocketful of Quarters

Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) is taking back video games for players with its Quarters, a game and platform agnostic digital currency that enables players to seamlessly move tokens and assets between games and utilize them across hundreds of gaming titles and genres. Quarters is the first-ever token to receive an SEC no-action letter for a blockchain token, making them both safe and compliant. Additionally, with POQ’s patented Zero-click transfer technology, players can earn and spend blockchain and crypto tokens just by taking actions within games.

Backed by an all-star team of advisors like Michelle Phan (Co-Founder of Ipsy) and Chris Cross (Formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, THQ, EA, and DreamWorks Interactive), Pocketful of Quarters aims to empower players with choice and transform the way they play with a universal currency across all games.

Klaytn is excited to announce that we’re now a part of the Blockchain Game Alliance, a global alliance of gaming, technology, and blockchain companies that are working towards the common goal of promoting blockchain within the game industry.

The BGA aims to achieve this mission through three key activities:

As a member of the BGA, Klaytn will be actively participating in all three of these areas to accelerate the realization of a vibrant gaming metaverse where players can play, create, earn, and trade without boundaries.

Public blockchain platform Klaytn is gearing up its infrastructure to be the blockchain of choice for gaming, the metaverse, and the creator economy. Developed by internet giant Kakao Corp in 2019, Klaytn has achieved success domestically through integration with the KakaoTalk messenger app. It is also the blockchain platform for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project with the Bank of Korea, by way of private blockchain deployment.

This year, Klaytn is making an aggressive turn toward the metaverse by tuning the entire platform for metaverse use cases. These include AAA games, play-to-earn (P2E) games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and supporting defi services for metaverse businesses. Klaytn is well-positioned to succeed in this emerging space given the strength of its 31 Governance Council members in blockchain, social networks, digital assets, gaming, and entertainment.

To pursue this vision, Klaytn will be creating an integrated onboarding process for metaverse builders to easily implement their games and virtual communities on the network. These are some initiatives that will be rolled out this year:

Klaytn will also be making the following improvements to the mainnet:

“Given the popularity of video games within Korea and the strength of K-culture globally, Klaytn’s vision to be the blockchain of choice for games, especially AAA games, is not impossible,” says Dr. Sangmin Seo, Director at Klaytn Foundation. Prior to joining Klaytn Foundation, Dr. Seo served as the CTO of Ground X, the software development affiliate of Kakao that created Klaytn.

“There is no other blockchain in the world now that is tuned specifically for the metaverse, gaming, and the creator economy. Our vision is ambitious, and definitely achievable. We look forward to seeing the other blockchains catch up with us,” say David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klaytn Foundation.

About Klaytn

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore.

These business expansion activities are supported by the Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization established in August 2021.