As a first step to understanding how our communities view the potential gas price adjustment, the Klaytn team surveyed our GC members and identified how they view the matter. Combining the result of both the GC survey and the previous technical analysis, the Klaytn Team came up with a potential gas price adjustment plan and asked the community’s opinions in a survey outlined as follows in our last article:

Survey Outline


Feb 10 2022 — Feb 16 2022




25 persons


Rank the factors that matter most to you when using a blockchain.

  1. Transaction speed
    (48%) Important
    (36%) Neutral
    (16%) Not important
  2. Low gas fee
    (20%) Important
    (28%) Neutral
    (52%) Not important
  3. Network availability
    (64%) Important
    (24%) Neutral
    (12%) Not important
  4. Integrity of on-chain data
    (44%) Important
    (12%) Neutral
    (44%) Not important

Similar to Solana, Klaytn’s low gas fees make our network vulnerable to DDoS attacks. If we were to increase our gas price, how much should it be raised to?

How should the gas price increase be implemented?

Do you have any other feedback regarding the proposal to combat arbitrage bot spam transactions by increasing our gas price?

In short, network availability is the factor that has the highest ratio of respondents who answered as important, followed by transaction speed, on-chain data integrity, and low gas fee. 60% of respondents chose 750 ston as the more appropriate level of gas price than 500 ston. Lastly, 76% of respondents preferred an immediate increase to a gradual one.