Wider access to KLAY enables easier access to the Klaytn metaverse—and that means getting KLAY listed on as many centralized exchanges as possible, to bring convenient on-ramp, increased liquidity and token trading services for everyone to jump onboard our metaverse. Since the start of our global expansion phase late last year, we’ve been working to steadily get KLAY listed on leading exchanges worldwide.

With these listings, KLAY is now supported by over 45 CEXes, fiat on-ramps, and OTC/custodians across South Korea, Greater China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the rest of the world.


Binance (https://www.binance.com/en)

Crypto.com (https://crypto.com/)

Huobi Global (https://www.huobi.com/)

OKX (https://www.okx.com/)

Bybit (https://www.bybit.com/)

Kucoin (https://www.kucoin.com/)

FMFW (https://fmfw.io/)

HitBTC (https://hitbtc.com/)


Bithumb (https://www.bithumb.com/)

Coinone (https://coinone.co.kr/)

Korbit (https://www.korbit.co.kr/)

GDAC (https://www.gdac.com/)

Probit (https://www.probit.kr/)

BKEX (https://www.bkex.com/)

Greater China

MEXC (https://www.mexc.com/)

LBank (https://www.lbank.info/)

Bitget (https://www.bitget.com/en/)

Gate.io (https://www.gate.io/)

Hoo.com (Hoo.com)

Coinhako (https://www.coinhako.com/)

XT.com (XT.com)


Upbit Thailand (https://th.upbit.com/)

Bitazza (https://bitazza.com/)


Wazirx (https://wazirx.com/)

CoinDCX (https://coindcx.com/)


Upbit Indonesia (https://id.upbit.com/)

Indodax (https://indodax.com/en/)


Coinspot (https://www.coinspot.com.au/)


Liquid (https://www.liquid.com/)


Bittrex (https://global.bittrex.com/)


Bit2me (https://bit2me.com/)

PrimeXBT (https://primexbt.com/)

Africa/Middle East

BlockFinex (https://www.blockfinex.com/)

Rest of the world

Velic (https://www.velic.io/)

Nominex (https://nominex.io/)

Dcoin (https://www.dcoin.com/)

BTX (https://btxpro.co.kr/en)

Hollaex (https://dash.hollaex.com/)

Fiat on-ramp

Simplex (https://www.simplex.com/)

Banxa (https://banxa.com/)

Moonpay (https://www.moonpay.com/)

Changelly (https://changelly.com)


Genesis Block (https://genesisblockhk.com/)

Copper (https://copper.co/)

Hex Trust (https://hextrust.com/)

These channels have expanded KLAY’s availability for all kinds of users and builders wanting to be part of our metaverse—and we’re not stopping here. Our team will continue to work with more exchanges to ensure that anyone, from any part of the world, can participate in the Klaytn metaverse.

KLAY continues its global expansion with yet another listing — this time on Bitazza Global! Originating from Thailand, Bitazza is one of the fastest-growing digital asset platforms with more than 600,000 users to date and a monthly trading volume of over $600 million.

Bitazza offers a robust suite of real-world crypto usage features that are currently being used, including API payment integration, in-app crypto payments, and a white-label wallet solution that has been successfully used to support large music festivals and more. Bitazza also has plans to establish a crypto-based eCommerce platform and will soon offer users crypto payment cards to further drive crypto usage in everyday life.

KLAY’s listing on Bitazza will bring greater access and liquidity, further opening up the Klaytn metaverse to more participants around the world. As part of Klaytn’s global expansion roadmap, the Klaytn Foundation will continue to work with major exchanges to bring easy access to KLAY to the world.

About Bitazza

Bitazza was founded by a team of experts in fields ranging from finance, technology, creative development, and more who share a singular vision in digital asset growth and adoption. Bitazza’s vision is to integrate digital assets, investment banking, and blockchain-based cashless payments together seamlessly.