Klaytn Foundation is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ALTAVA Group, a luxury fashion and retail metaverse company. ALTAVA, an established DApp project on Ethereum, will explore the many opportunities for collaboration with Klaytn.

As strategic partners, the Klaytn Foundation and ALTAVA will be engaging in open discussions on the implementation of blockchain services for the interoperability amongst different metaverse environments and reviewing various collaborative possibilities.

This partnership will bring opportunities to Klaytn’s ecosystem, expanding and enriching the Klaytn metaverse with beloved luxury brands, high-end fashion, and bespoke virtual experiences. 

About ALTAVA Group

ALTAVA Group, a Singapore-based company with an operating presence in South Korea, aims to “democratize luxury fashion and retail in the metaverse.” A metaverse company digitizing high-fidelity fashion branded assets and building customized virtual experiences within ALTAVA Worlds of You, its own gamified social commerce platform; and ALTAVA Market, selling a range of NFTs of luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.