Klaytn’s roadmap to the metaverse

Transforming Klaytn into a metaverse blockchain for all is a massive undertaking that’s a lot more than just TPS upgrades.

On the technology front, you need speed, scale, and standards for interoperability. Then you’ve got to build an environment that’s conducive for metaverse builders to unleash their creativity. And of course, align with the decentralized nature of our future economy.

That’s why our Klaytn 2.0 development roadmap encompasses far more than just speeds and feeds—and today we’re excited to share our plans with the world. Check it out below!

We’re making great progress towards these goals—in fact, support for Ethereum equivalence is already well under way and almost ready to ship. Watch our blog and community channels to be the first to know every time we hit another milestone!

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© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.