Klapes AMA Recap

We had the pleasure of hosting the ape-mazing Klapes team for a fun-filled AMA session where we got to know more about them and their exciting Klapes NFT project. Many questions were asked, answers were given, and laughs were had. Listen to the AMA session below or read on for our recap!

Note: Some of the text may have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Date & Time: December 9 at 9pm PST / December 10 at 2pm KST
Speakers: Boogy, Bex, Judi and Garthos from Klapes
Host: Sofy from Klaytn Foundation


Sofy: Today, we have our very first AMA guests, making their mark on our Discord stage with their presence. It is indeed an honour to have the Klapes team with us today! We will break the ice with a round of introductions starting with the leader of the pack.

Justin, could you please share more about yourself and the story behind Darthboogy?

Boogy: Oh, goodness. Hi, I’m Justin, everyone calls me Boogy. So, I really like Star Wars. Most of my tattoos are Star Wars. And when I was younger, I did a little bit of breakdancing and my nickname was J Boogy, so it was like a nerdier transition to Darthboogy. That’s how I got it. And the dark side has cookies. They do.

I kinda gathered everybody, and we had a really good idea. I’m everybody’s biggest fan here, so I don’t know who left me in charge but we have a lot of fun here. It’s a good time at Marshmallow Jetpack and with the Klapes team. Most of our success will be because of the people that follow.

Sofy: Thank you Boogy for the intro. Next up, we have Garthos.

Garthos: Thank you, Sofy. I am the Game Director and resident dad joke aficionado at Marshmallow Jetpack. I have been in the gaming industry for over 15 years and have thoroughly enjoyed bridging the gap between NFTs and Gaming. It has been a pleasure working on this project and I look forward to seeing what kind of monkey business we can get into as the community grows.

Sofy: Thank you Garthos. Next up, we have the only rose among the thorns. Welcome on stage, Bex!

Bex: Thank you, Sofy! Hi everyone, I’m Bex. I’m a Project Manager at Marshmallow Jetpack and am having a lot of fun getting to know the Klapes community. Thank you so much for having us here today.

Sofy: Likewise, Bex. Next up, we have Judi. Fun fact: I actually thought Judi was a lady until we had an online meeting. Judi, the stage is yours!

Judi: Thanks, Sofy! I get that a lot because of my name. It actually started as a character name when I played World of Warcraft. I had a character that I named after Judi Dench, the actress, and the name sort of stuck. Thank you for hosting the AMA for the Klapes community and we’re glad to be able to answer some questions.


Sofy: Would any of you care to tell us a little bit more about Klapes and the inspiration behind it?

Boogy: We wanted to do a project on Klaytn, and apes are very hot in crypto so we came up with Klapes. That’s pretty much how it came about — it makes sense!

Sofy: How many members are there on the Klapes team?

Boogy: There are 10 active development team members working on Klapes, but there are a host of additional members from Marshmallow Jetpack and Klaytn supporting the project. As you mentioned, a majority of us are from North America and we have one member from the UK.

Sofy: What is the reason behind the team’s preference for the Klaytn chain over the Ethereum chain?

Boogy: We strongly believe in Klaytn as a blockchain, but are aware it isn’t as prevalent in the West. We decided to mint on Klaytn to bring it more attention from people on this side of the world.

Sofy: What is the concept behind the collection? Why the hanging apes?

Bex: The Klapes were conceptualized by our artist, Andrew Dorland. He wanted to create a friendly, expressive character and was inspired by Curious George and the children’s game “Barrel of Monkeys”.

Sofy: Will there be any P2E feature or utility for Klapes?

Garthos: Yes — the primary utility will be access to the DAO. We strongly want community involvement on the direction of the project so there’s a strong chance for further utility if the community decides so.

Sofy: How do people check if they’re on the presale list?

Judi: We will be releasing a list of wallets that have access to the presale a couple of days ahead of the presale itself. Additionally, leading up to the presale we will have an opportunity for a handful of community members to be added to the presale registration list.

Sofy: If presale will be guaranteed, should we mint it via FCFS?

Judi: Each sale window will be first come, first serve for those minting in both the pre-sale and public sale.

Sofy: Has the team considered the barrier of entry challenge to this going to the moon which generally has involved cross-border enthusiasts, or is the focus more on the Korean/Asian/European markets?

Boogy: We don’t see this as a barrier, but rather an advantage for us, because as the first NFT project supported by the Klaytn Foundation we believe we’re in a strong position to bridge the Eastern and Western markets on the Klaytn blockchain.

Sofy: Can you share more about the roadmap for Klapes and plans for its future?

Judi: We have some things lined up that are listed on our website, but the biggest and most exciting thing we can mention is a Klapes DAO. Once the Klapes collection is sold, we plan to establish a Klape DAO. With the DAO, the community will be able to give feedback regarding the future of Klapes.

Some possibilities that the DAO could have a voice in helping to decide are: will a coin be created, is there going to be a mining aspect, are there going to be games or a metaverse, etc.

We are led to believe, just from the presale registration alone, that the Klapes project will be sold out very quickly. We’re just focusing on releasing the DAO and bringing the community in on future decisions.

Since we are the first NFT project supported by the Klaytn Foundation, we really want to foster the Klaytn community, which is why the DAO is so important to us and our roadmap.

Sofy: Is there a list of rare attributes for the Klapes?

Garthos: There are 4 tiers of rarity for most of the traits, with the exception of eye color and expression. We do have ten 1/1s available in the main collection, and there is also a separate 1/1 Honorable Klapes collection that’s not part of the initial 5,000 that will be minted. After the minting goes live a rarity chart will be released.

Sofy: What does it mean to be the first NFT project to partner with Klaytn? Who might be your biggest competitor right now, and what are the unique features of Klapes that will allow it to stand out?

Bex: We don’t want to consider other projects in the space as competitors, but rather as collaborators as we want to foster Klaytn’s NFT growth.

One of the advantages is that we are the first NFT project backed by the Klaytn Foundation, which helps us in spearheading the NFT ecosystem on the Klaytn blockchain. One of the things that we really feel is important to that is the artwork, so huge props to our artist Andrew Dorland!

Sofy: You’ve released a few sneak peeks in the Klapes Discord. What are some of your favourite Klapes traits that you’re excited to see?

Klapes: The Lord of the Ring ones, the one with the Boba cup, the one with the onesie. And if you’re a cat fan, there is another trait that’s going to be a favorite. There’s also one with a Klaytn medallion, and one that’s Planet of the Apes with the Statue of Liberty — the Planet of the Klapes.

Some of my favorite things about the project were the backgrounds. I really enjoyed kind of seeing those develop and how they look in conjunction with the accessories on the Klapes. A lot of the backgrounds remind me of the end credits of The Mandalorian, where they paint out some of the scenes from the episodes.

Sofy: With the holidays coming up, do any of you have any exciting plans or travel coming up?

Bex: I’m originally from the East Coast. I live on the West Coast now, so I’ll be travelling all the way across the country to Maine for the holidays, hoping for a white Christmas.

Garthos: I’m doing the opposite, I’m having all of my family come up here to Southern California for the holidays.

Boogy: Hi Garthos, I’ll be in Delaware!

Sofy: So there you have it, our community members’ list of questions. And now we’ll move on to the live Q&A.

Live Q&A

Sofy: What is the main strength of Klapes compared to other projects?

Boogy: I think one of the biggest strengths is going to be our DAO, which is going to be our community.

Bex: Also, I think our art is amazing!

Garthos: One of the things that we really pride ourselves on is the communities that we have and how we develop those and the people that have joined our community have really been spectacular and we want to keep that growing and fostering that.

Bex: Communities are what make the projects.

Sofy: Are there any plans for the Klapes NFTs to be used in a game?

Garthos: That’s one of the things that we’ll use the DAO to decide. We’re going to let you as a community help make some of those decisions about what we do next.

Boogy: We really want to empower the community.

Bex: That’s what’s so exciting about a DAO — the community gets to decide what happens.

Boogy: It’s like the spirit of crypto. We all rise together, we’re all going to make it. And the perfect way to represent that is a DAO.

Sofy: If the Klapes NFTs are not sold out at launch, do you have any plans to burn it or keep them available?

Judi: We would probably keep it open, at least for a while, just in hopes of bringing more community members to the DAO. Anybody who wants to have their voice heard and contribute to the future of Klapes are welcome to be part of it.

Boogy: But the pre-sale slots filled up pretty quick and a majority of the people want three, and then there was another question asking if people would want to mint more in the public sale, and over 90% said yes. I don’t anticipate these Klapes lasting very long.

Garthos: If something like that happened, we would talk with the community. It’s not something we’re just going to make a decision on our own, but every indication we’ve seen so far has been that we expect these to go pretty fast.

Sofy: What’s the Westerners and Korean holders ratio?

Garthos: It’s going to kind of be really, really hard to speculate. But I’m going to guess 40% Western, 60% Korean.

Judi: What we’re trying to do is to bring more Western users onto the Klaytn blockchain.

Bex: I do have a lot of friends whose first NFT is going to be a Klape, which I think is going to be exciting.

Many thanks to the Klapes team for being such awesome guests and the community for your questions! To find out more about the Klapes NFT project, you can visit their website or catch them on DiscordKakaoTalk, and Twitter.

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