Building made easy

Building for the metaverse doesn’t have to be hard. Klaytn offers a seamless developer experience that’s designed to help builders turn their big ideas into the next big thing.


quick start

The starting point for your journey with Klaytn.

klaytn starter page

Everything developers need to know about Klaytn in a single page.

klaytn github

The official Git repository for Klaytn blockchain core.

klaytn networks

Learn about Klaytn’s Cypress mainnet and Baobab testnet.


Hands-on guides to inspire your dApp development.

Developer resources


Klaytn Docs

The official documentation for Klaytn blockchain and ecosystem.

block explorers


Block explorer to monitor Klaytn network real-time.


Klaytn’s block explorer with labeling service and analytics tools.


Kaikas Wallet

Klaytn’s browser extension wallet.

Klip Wallet

Mobile crypto wallet integrated into KakaoTalk.

Klaytn Wallet

Manage accounts, send tokens, or obtain test KLAY from Faucet.


klaytn ide

Remix-based integrated development environment for Klaytn’s smart contracts.



The official repository for caver-js SDK.


The official repository for caver-java SDK

deployment tools

local network deployment tool

A tool with step-by-step instructions to deploy Klaytn network to the local environment using docker-compose.

service chain deployment tool

Deployment tool for ServiceChain, Klaytn’s sidechain architecture.

klaytn terraform modules

Terraform custom modules for Klaytn infrastructure and configuration/deployment.

klaytn ansible modules

Ansible custom modules for Klaytn infrastructure and configuration/deployment.

api services

klaytn api service

API service to interact with Klaytn blockchain without running a node.

covalent api

Access Klaytn’s data points using Covalent API.


Build easier on top of Klaytn with Tatum.


Conveniently parse Klaytn data using Bitquery.


six bridge

A bridge between Klaytn and Ethereum to support Definix services.


Convert your tokens from different chains in a safe and secure way.



Receive real-time KLAY price feeds in Witnet.



Mint, send and showcase your NFTs.

homebrew klaytn

Homebrew launcher for Klaytn.

truffle hd wallet

Truffle HD wallet provider for the Klaytn network.

Scaling solution

service chain

Read about ServiceChain, Klaytn’s scaling solution.

endpoint nodes

public nodes

List of public endpoint nodes for the Klaytn network.

Metaverse package

Klaytn offers a suite of technologies ideal for integrating blockchain to metaverse and game projects bundled in a Metaverse Package, consisting of scaling solutions, SDKs, smart contract libraries, oracles, bridges and so much more. Starting with the Alpha version, components of the Metaverse Package will be released on a quarterly basis, with each one better than the last.

2022 Technology roadmap

We’re working on a slew of massive technology upgrades that will bring greater flexibility, scalability, interoperability, and performance to Klaytn. These technology upgrades will enable Klaytn to deliver on all the business and technical requirements that builders need to realize their metaverse vision.
  • Q1
    Klaytn 2.0 Announcement
    Support for Ethereum Equivalence
  • Q2
    Wormhole Bridge and Chainlink Oracle Support
    Klaytn Open-Source Package for Metaverse (Alpha)
  • Q3
    Dynamic Gas Price Mechanism
    New Governance / Reward System (Baobab)
    Klaytn Open-Source Package for Metaverse (Beta)
    Blockchain Research Center
    Klaytn Developer Onboarding Kit
    Developer Engagement Programs
  • Q4
    Klaytn Open-Source Package for Metaverse v1.0
    New Governance / Reward System (Mainnet)
    Governance Portal
    Klaytn Performance Enhancement
    On-chain Data Analytics Frameworks
© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.
© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.